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Xolotl Loom Collar | 1" Green Purple
Xolotl Loom Collar | 1" Green Purple

Xolotl Loom Collar | 1" Green Purple

This beautiful piece is made from ribbon woven on a back-strap loom by talented artisans from Santo Tomás Jalietza. These women weave into each loom different symbols and patterns that tell century-old tales. What will your collar tell you? 

This collar is 1" width and adjusts from 12" - 18". 

About Xolotl:

Our fair-trade efforts are just the beginning. We often travel to Oaxaca to meet with our artisans and connect with other communities. So far, we've established working relationships with four different communities consisting of over 25 artisans in the state of Oaxaca.. 

These talented men and women are the heart of Xolotl. Their work brings our products to life. We design our products and they make them reality. 

It is important to us that they deserve fair pay for their work. We pay them whatever they think their work is worth. We never barter. 

We try to make our production process as sustainable as possible, and make sure we're helping someone every step of the way. All our materials are locally sourced and every worker is someone who needed us as much as we needed them