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Jax and bone Jumping Jax Rabbit Wool Toy

Jax and bone Jumping Jax Rabbit Wool Toy

Introducing the Rowdy Rescuers!

Buy a Toy, Save a Life. Each year, millions of healthy and adoptable animals enter shelters every year. It’s a hard fact to swallow but you can make a difference.

By purchasing these toys, you are being the VOICE for all animals.

These toys embody the mission that we, ordinary individuals, can become a Rowdy Rescuer and do extraordinary things to help and protect all animals.

15% of your purchase will go to benefit 4 National Animal Charities to help eliminate animal suffering. Join our Good Karma Community. Together we can create positive change and help more animals.



These unique plush toys are made from AZO-free dyed wool blend fabric. Each one is handcrafted with double stitched edges and reinforced for added durability so that they can stand up to everyday play. Strong, loud, quality squeakers are included for hours of rowdy fun!


All toys are machine washable.